It’s Daj’zha Vu…..

It’s Daj’zha Vu…..

Up and At em’

It’s been a crazy few months but I’m still here. I have gotten so much accomplished during this pandemic, it’s been life changing. Slowing down in my role as an arts educator has created the much needed space to start and finish personal projects that have been percolating over the years. Sometimes your present self […]

Curriculum Development: Highlighter Alien Comic Zine!

Illustrated Stories with Mrs. D’s Severe Seven is always fun! This little story helped me get out some of the icky feelings I had today about our current circumstances. I love writing curriculum for students in programs with Art with a Heart. It’s fun thinking about ways to engage students at home through fun art […]

Book Dummy #2!

The story is evolving….still in rough sketches but I am healing through my art. If you would have told me pre-covid that I would be at this point in the process a month later, I would have thought, “There is no way”. Well, where there is a will, there is a way! I am an […]


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