It’s Daj’zha Vu…..

It’s Daj’zha Vu…..

Curriculum Development: Highlighter Alien Comic Zine!

Illustrated Stories with Mrs. D’s Severe Seven is always fun! This little story helped me get out some of the icky feelings I had today about our current circumstances. I love writing curriculum for students in programs with Art with a Heart. It’s fun thinking about ways to engage students at home through fun art […]

Book Dummy #2!

The story is evolving….still in rough sketches but I am healing through my art. If you would have told me pre-covid that I would be at this point in the process a month later, I would have thought, “There is no way”. Well, where there is a will, there is a way! I am an […]


Let’s Cross Over! Attraversiamo is my favorite Italian word. My favorite American word begins with an F and ends with a K. Hah! But “attraversiamo” is my jam! Time is moving. It’s hard to keep up with it especially now that COVID has us in quarantine. I look up at the clock and wonder, where […]


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