It’s DaJ’zha Vu……

I sketched this in my journal in 2012. I’ve turned it into a painting that is unfinished. I titled it “Church”. I have embraced that I am the church. I haven’t been as proactive about devotion and worship and I haven’t set a part “temple time”. Because of that, my spirit was growing weak. Out of sorts. Almost Dead.

I am fully connected with the creator when I make art and when I pray. Communicating with God is on the top of my list but I need to kick it up a notch and incorporate worship and praise. What better way than through my art. When I really take “temple time” pieces like this come out. The process of creating is like a whole church service! Just looking at this piece took me back to church. It’s like Daj’zha Vu….

I’ll be sharing those Daj’zha Vu moments in this blog, where ideas are birthed. It’s a whole experience. A reminder to get up and go to church! The church is within, my friend.

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